Avcorp Registrations
Our Service

All our business comes from recommendations. We do not pay commission and we have never needed to advertise. Our sole business is the registration of aircraft on the US register and the administration of the trusts and their associated aircraft holding companies. We register both aircraft which are currently US registered and those coming from a non-US register. In conjunction with this core service we provide the following additional services:-

1. registration at the International Registry for eligible airframes and engines

2. application for FCC radio station licenses

3. application for FCC restricted radio telephony operator permits

4. de-registration

5. mortgage services for banks and other financial institutions

We are committed to provide the following quality service:-

  • we have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions
  • we answer our telephones promptly and when necessary will return your call quickly
  • when necessary we will work on transactions until 23:00 GMT when the FAA registry closes in Oklahoma City
  • provided you give us all the information we need prior to 10:00 in the morning, we will be able to prepare and despatch all the registration papers the same day
  • we use the latest digital technology including Docusign and where our clients have access to email, the only delay in registration will be the time taken by the FAA's legal department to issue an opinion letter based on the trust documents
  • our charges are in many cases lower than other professional registration companies. We are able to achieve this through economies of scale, efficiency and cost effective agents
  • all the aircraft we register are ring fenced by being registered to separate trustee corporations thus offering you maximum protection. We do not register several aircraft to individuals or the same corporation
  • we have menu pricing€ so you know exactly what you will pay both for the registration and annually. No matter how often and when you speak to us we make no additional charges